Dr. Jeff Kaster: Points of Resonance

The challenge of today’s work at the symposium has been described as a “grappling with the risks and rewards regarding authorization in lay ecclesial ministry”.  Through intense discussion, participants have been trying to assess the theological points regarding vocation and authorization that have the most resonance with theologians and pastoral leaders across the country.

Here is Dr. Jeff Kaster, the Symposium Chair sharing some thoughts about the importance of this tremendous undertaking.

What are your thoughts?  Please leave a comment.


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3 Responses to Dr. Jeff Kaster: Points of Resonance

  1. Jessie Johnson says:

    I am REALLY excited to hear about the outcomes from this symposium! Thanks for all your work, and for advocating on behalf of lay ecclesial ministers everywhere! It is so affirming to see that there are people who really care about what’s happening in the trenches of ministry.
    ~Jessie Johnson
    Pittsburgh, PA

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