Vocation and Authorization

What’s all the talk about?

The whole campus has been abuzz with conversation surrounding vocation / authorization / theological points of convergence / challenges and implications.  If you’re on campus and haven’t heard the phrase “lay ecclesial ministry” at least a 100 times, then you weren’t listening.

Preconceptions are shifting.  Attitudes are changing.  Ideas are emerging.  New insights are transforming the conversations and building the foundation for ongoing dialogue.  It is truly an exciting moment in the history of Catholic ministry.

8 Points of Convergence

Dr. Bill Cahoy… Dean of Saint John’s University School of Theology… presented an emerging theology of vocation and authorization in lay ecclesial ministry.  Based on essays from seven theologians… Ed Hahnenberg, Lynda Robitaille, Susan Wood, Graziano Marcheshi, Charles Bobertz, Zeni Fox and Hosffman Ospino… he outlined eight common theological points and set them in the hands of symposium participants for dissection, discussion and a wrestling-grappling-word-by-word-tug-of-war.

Throughout the day, table talk groups listened / questioned / dialogued with the authors and each other to try to come to consensus and endorsement of the eight points of convergence.  It was a gritty and grueling and tremendously enlightening process that led to highly animated conversation across campus.  Listen to these four professors as they share some insight.

Now take a moment to think about these questions and then give us your thoughts in the Comment section on this blog:

  1. How do the concepts of vocation and authorization impact lay ecclesial ministry?
  2. How do they impact a person’s sense of being called to discipleship?

We are excited to hear from you!


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