Young Adults in Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Questions on the Table

Julie Billmeier serves in Youth and Young Adult Ministries in the Diocese of Dallas.  She is an inspiring young adult herself and has added a wealth of insight and wisdom to the work and conversation at this Symposium.

As we have talked about vocation and authorization at our small group tables, the issue of changing territory and landscapes (video by Bob McCarty yesterday… click here) has raised practical questions for young adults who want to be employed in ministry.

If I go to work for the church as a lay ecclesial minister:

  1. What kind of job stability will I have?
  2. What happens when a new bishop or pastor arrives?
  3. How will I be able to pay for the Master’s degree that is required?
  4. If I get married, what role does my spouse play?
  5. If we have children, how do I balance ministry with family?

These are great questions!

Nature of Relationship-building

In the opening keynote address (click here <—) Dr. Nancy Ammerman highlighted the fact that relationships are built very differently today than they were 20 or 30 years ago.  Social media has transformed the way that people connect and stay in touch.

Listen to Julie as she talks about how that impacts her ministry as a young adult and with young adults.  It’s quite thought-provoking for the current population of ministry leaders and challenges us to change how we approach ministry.  And we need to change if we are going to attract and form a new up-and-coming generation of lay ecclesial ministers.

After you’ve had a listen… come back and leave us a question or comment.


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3 Responses to Young Adults in Lay Ecclesial Ministry

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  2. Abel B says:

    She raised some great issues, side issues but important issues. Nothing was said of the essence of young adult ministry, making disciples of Jesus Christ. This always has to be the focus when discussing young adult ministry. In my many years of youth ministry, singles ministry, young adult ministry this was always the greatest challenge in Catholic group ministry, and it still seems to be today. Let’s make the main thing, the main thing, and keep the main thing, the main thing –Abel John Banda, facebook

    • Discipleship is the primary goal of ministry to all age groups. In the case of this interview, our focusing question was about the conversation of the symposium participants and what other questions were being raised in the discussion groups. Thanks for your comments.

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