Bishop Blase Cupich: Advancing Excellence

A Great Opportunity

Bishop Blase Cupich of the Diocese of Spokane described the National Symposium as an important phase in contributing to the request on the part of the bishops for more research and dialogue around lay ecclesial ministry as outlined in the ground-breaking 2005 document Co-Workers in the Vineyard.

“This is a chance to refine the ideas in describing this phenomenon in the Church and is useful because the situation is very fluid.  Co-Workers left the door open for more research and to deal with questions that are still unsettled,” he says in this video interview.

Dare to read the signs of the times.

In his capstone address at the close of the symposium, Bishop Cupich shared some profound insight:

Lay ecclesial ministry is embryonic now and in an in-between time.  That makes us all uncomfortable.  It will require the willingness of this group to wrestle and grapple with the issues and questions.  We will all need to come to acceptance of the fluidity of lay ecclesial ministry.  Perhaps God does not want to give us structures at this time.  Maybe now is about the dialogue, the relationships and knowing each other.  Conversatio is the important goal now.

The movement of the Holy Spirit that I see is in being in-between.  It’s all rooted in the universal call to holiness.

paraphrased from August 5, 2011 Capstone address

Thanks to Bishop Cupich for your wisdom!  The Spirit is alive indeed!


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